Descriptive Essay On Walking On Sunshine

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Walking on Sunshine
When I was born in 1999 Serena and Venus Williams were on their way to becoming international tennis stars. Apparently, my parents were avid tennis stars at the time, and so they named me Katrina, and a few years later they named my little sister Serena. Now Serena and I have never played a game of tennis together, in fact I don’t even think she’s played a game of tennis ever. I really doubt that my parents knew that they were going to conceive another child in 2003, therefor I find this short anecdote to be completely false. I just think my dad is old and as it was 18 years ago he’s forgotten.
My dad also told me how my parents nearly settled on the names Maya and Sara. Hearing this makes me somewhat grateful for my name, seeing as Sarah’s, are a dime a dozen in this world. While I do find the name Maya intriguing, I don’t really see myself as a Maya. One aspect of my name that I love is my middle names, and yes, I mean middle names as in two. When I was younger I thought it was so cool to have two middle names, and my dad’s story behind the first one never failed to make me feel special.
My dad’s choice of Jewel, because at the time I was as precious as a jewel. My mother rounded off my middle name with a simple Ann, which stemmed from her middle name. Combined together they make a somewhat unique Jewel Ann. I think I still like my middle name, its different, I think that’s why I like it. The cherry on top of the name sundae is my last name
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