Descriptive Essay : One Beautiful Ornamental Trees Tree

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One beautiful ornamental woody tree is the Kwanzan Cherry scientifically named Prunnus serrulata. This beautiful specimen tree has noteworthy characteristics such as bronze foliage with large clustered pink double flowers and distinguishable cherry like bark. Taking a personal interest in the Kwanzan cherry I will discuss history and origin of the tree, uses of the tree, propagation and growing methods, and current and relevant news around the tree. Before hitting the main points, here is some useful features and information on the Kwanzan cherry. Many say it is the most popular cultivar of all the double flowering cherries (Web 1), which is explained through its many great features. With stunning clusters of pink flowers in April to …show more content…

In Spring, many tourists flock to the Capitol to see the incredible flowering cherries. Since the introduction and legal passing of the Kwanzan cherry into the States cultivation has mainly focused on ornamental use in landscapes. Japanese flowering cherries are some of the most popular ornamental flowering trees in the landscape.
As Japanese flowering cherries have proven their popularity, the Kwanzan cherry itself has a variety of different uses. A common use is as a specimen tree, it can be a great focal point and make a beautiful addition to a landscape. The tree is great near large buildings offering it’s horizontal structure to break up harness of blank space. Other uses include in a container or above-ground planter, residential street tree, the tree can be trainable, and is used as a Bonsai tree (Web 3). Its vase shape with symmetrical canopy makes the tree favorable for its various uses.
The Kwanzan cherry has three methods used for propagation, softwood cutting, air layering and grafting. This particular tree is often grated on P. avium (Starret, 2016) commonly known as sweet cherry or wild cherry. Soft wood cutting and grafting are more common methods for propagation. Air layering can be carried out to quickly establish a tree with mature characteristics. The tree can also be obtained elsewhere which will be discussed toward the end of this paper. After the initial planting, it’s important to water regularly.

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