Descriptive Essay - Original Letters

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Click. Click. Click. April Tessler sat at her desk with an ordinary ballpoint pen. Her fingers tapped in frustration along with the rhythm of her pen. Words began to flow from her mind and spilled onto the paper. One last period was dotted on the end of the sentence, and April ended her letter with signing her name. She licked the last envelope and placed on the bottom of the other twenty-three letters. The clock read 9:24 and a timer began to beep. As April slipped on her shoe, she turned off the alarm and shoved the stack of letters into her bag. Her fingers yanked at the charger to her phone before sliding the phone into her pocket. Her heart was racing similar to the way any girl’s heart would race if the boy she liked ever took notice at her. She scurried away to the bathroom to calm herself down. “Two hours and disappear,” April repeated to herself. She buried her face in the towel and left her arms in that position for an extra second. When her face came up, she saw another figure standing beside her. It sent a shock all throughout her body and she threw herself towards the back wall. Her eyes began to rapidly blink to figure out if it was a hallucination or if it was a reality. The beating heart inside her was pounding faster than she had ever known. Once the blinking slowed down, April realized it was only an illusion and that she was safe. She easily slipped out the door without any worry because her parents were out attending the funeral of a family friend
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