Descriptive Essay - Original Motion

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0Drip, drip was the only essence of sound my feeble ears could feed on as I laid motionless, my head cemented on the grimy and frigid ground and body basking in the chilly shade of darkness. I thought. Thinking how I presented myself in such an uninspiring turmoil, occupied in a jail cell with a bestial brute whose colossal luminous bald head was the prime source of lighting when lights were out at night. But, I couldn’t remember. Where I came from, why I’m here and who I am? The only real fracture of my memory were disorientated and base in brief momentous of serene ravenous hounds; erratic rays of flashes and being vigorously batted down. And every thought towards those incident fulfils me with excruciating pain.
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Suddenly woken up by the gruff shrills of the militants rattling the cells with their brisk steel rods and bellowing that we’d had 2 hours until what they referred as “the ole rock duty”. I crouched up, my eyes widening in corresponding motion as my cobalt iris dawn over my cell “buddy”. He was a perplexing and baffling guy, at most quite a dunce and relied heavily and DEEPLY on his primitive animal instincts. This is evident by the very first encounter with him which oddly enough was yesterday morning where the guard introduced me to my cell and I noted there was only 1 BED, and 2 individuals occupying 1 room so the only means necessary would in his perspective to determine the bed owner would be a barbaric brawl…
And I can assure you “It hurts everywhere…
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