Descriptive Essay - Original Song Of My Life

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Feet dragging through a magically soft and grainy mixture, ankles experiencing the rush of a gentle ebb and flow, fingers weaving through the delicate yet power-bearing wind, it was a beautiful sensation that fit the cleanliness of the crisp air. A gentle swish of the wind whispers across my skin, contrasting harshly with the grating sound of barking in the distance that ground beneath the edges of my jaw. Large, white, noisy birds made sounds that rather resembled cackling. Children’s laughter flooded the air along with those of their parents. The sun shone lightly down upon the earth, but the dark clouds on the horizon and the chill in the breeze told me it wouldn’t remain sunny. A crashing and a special roaring breathed life and is…show more content…
The water became infused with my blood and my stomach sank: who knows what was out here. The lake was absolutely huge and terribly deep. The sunlight had completely vanished by leaving the sky full of dark clouds: at least that’s what it looked like, with me now drowning and all. I stretch my arms above, reaching for the fading light streaming through with a strong desire. Cool strength engulfing me completely. It withholds me from the strength of the wind and the sun. A persistent, but rather dull roaring pulsed in my ears. My hair glides, following my movements, but moreso those of the cool strength. The muscles in my thighs tense as I strain to reach the light. All around tiny slippery figures dart over and momentarily press against my body: as if they are inquiring my presence, as if they know I do not belong. My fingertips are so close, they strain to reach the top and feel the breeze. My feet push against the water strenuously in a desperate attempt to help me escape from this dark constrictive prison. Nothing worked though; my lungs burned with a fire and my head stung immensely, I couldn’t escape. Instantaneously and out of nowhere a mysterious projectile slammed into the water and shattered the deceptively calm surface as it hurtled past me. My upwards striving limbs immediately retracted and I curled in on myself. Then it hit me; the projectile had been a bullet. I was being shot at! I hadn’t thought that his loathing for me had turned this

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