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“Do you remember the red heel you always wanted to wear when you were younger,” my cousin asks. I giggle quietly as my forms a smile. I try to remember, but the memories do not come to me. I look up at her and just say yes, but why is it that I do not recall those shoes? I look down at my feet and close my eyes. I can see myself at the age of two running around in a pearly dress. I begin to scan myself in the dress, I look down, but still cannot see the shoes. I reopen my eyes and I just sigh. Have I forgotten where I came from, or is it just my mind playing tricks on me? Eighteen years ago, when I was the age of two, my parents made the choice of crossing the border into the United States to better our lives. They made the sacrifice, knowing the risks we were facing. We crossed over into a new dimension, a tornadic whirl of culture and language, where everything was foreign to us. The soil under us was no longer the same. The plants were no longer the same. Even the air, was no longer the same. The red shoes on my feet were the only thing reminding me of the past, but I could not click them together, wish three times and be home. My future changed instantly as we crossed the border into the United States. I had to find my yellow brick road. My transition into the United States, at a young age, has had a great influence on my leadership style and the way I handle conflicts. The red shoes that held my past did not follow me to where I am now. They made me stronger. Being

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