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“This is for you.” I look at Dialah. She shrugs. The familiar orange juice in a glass is placed in front of me. “What’s this for? “It’s from him.” The waitress flashes me a scheming smile and points to the bar. The man wearing a cream-colored sweater, blue jeans, and boots sits with his back facing me. I can’t see his face in the mirror behind the bar, but he has thick, brown hair and broad shoulders. I take a sip. A fuzzy navel. How did he know? My stomach feels like it does when I’m waiting in line for the ValRavn at Cedar Point. No one ever chooses me. I sidle over to his side and fold my hands on the bar next to him. “Thank you for the drink. I’m Raine.” My eyes bond with his when he turns to face me. “I’m Prem. And you’re welcome.” I’ve never hooked up with a man who had a mustache. I’ve never hooked up with a man, ever. That’s about to change. I know it already. “Would you like to join us? We’re sitting near the dance floor.” He picks up his drink and follows me to the booth where Dialah and I sit every Friday night. I scoot in first. Prem slides in beside me. His thigh is glued to mine. I’m not moving. He doesn’t either. Dialah is staring at her drink. I look at Prem. “This is my friend, Dialah.” “Hi, Prem.” Wait. What? “You two know each other?” A dimple appears on Prem’s cheek. “Dialah is friends with my sister.” “Oh.” I’m not sure exactly what just happened. I sip my drink through the little black cocktail straw until the glass is

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