Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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As soon as I said those words he grabbed me and passionatly kissed me so aggressive but sensual all at the same time. I could feel myself melting into him, as if he was sucking my soul right out of my body and into his. All that time exchanging e-mails created a huge build up that was finally released. He backed up and said "hmmm your lips taste so sweet". I didn 't even have a chance to reply when he pulled me back in for another soul sucking kiss. I start ripping off his clothes as we continued to kiss. Trying the best I could , I felt like I was panicing just grabing and pulling off whatever I could. He then spun me around, grabbed my hips very firmly and pushed himself into me and whispered in my ear, "you feel that? hmmm? You want that?". "Yes" I softy said. He grabbed the back of my hair, gently tiping my head back and said "I didn 't hear you, say it again". "YES! YES! YES!", I shouted. "Good girl", he answered "how bad do you want me to fuck you" he said then ran his tounge down my neck , pulling my hips into his even more. "Bad, really fucking bad", I said. He moaned a bit , with one hand holding on to me and the other running over my whole body like he was trying to memorize every inch of me and said "Yeah?" He then bent me right over the end of the bed and pushed himself inside of me. The amount of ecstay I was feeling at that very moment was astounding. I haven 't felt like this so long, the excitement, the rush, the pleasure , the lust. As…
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