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The fresh grass tickled his sticky body as he crushed the living daylights out of them. Beneath the sun’s gaze, he laid still while absorbing the beauty of the outside world. It was perfect.
“Run,” an elderly man shouted at his students, interrupting his photosynthesis moment.
“Off the ground, Junho.” Junho’s eyes unlocked, his vision flooded with the cotton clouds and baby blue sky. The lively looking grass unfolded as Junho hustled to his rowdy coach. The day was too perfect.
Preparing himself to run off with much confidence, rain broke out, abruptly stopping him as he made his first step to sprint. Junho took his eyes off the finish line and fixed his stare upon the upsetting clouds. Keeping his stare upon the gray clouds, he tilted his head.
“It was supposed to be a perfect day,” he breathed.
Junho flinched as a raindrop struck back by intruding his eye. His quick reflexes resulted in him shifting his head towards a puddle in front of him. The puddle reflected the upper half of himself; damp, jet black hair, dark brown eyes, smooth pale skin, the bottom half of his body was irrelevant. The small body of water ruined it’s perfect surface as droplets of rain poured down. Leaving the watered-downed field, Junho heard a faint constant beeping as he rushed inside the academic building.
Changing out of his wet clothes, Junho re-entered his classroom wearing his gray school uniform. Taking a seat at his wrinkled wooden desk, he stared at the window with his head cradled in

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