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The fresh grass tickled his sticky body as he crushed the living daylights out of them. Beneath the sun’s gaze, he laid still while absorbing the beauty of the outside world. It was perfect.
“Run,” an elderly man shouted at his students, interrupting his photosynthesis moment.
“Off the ground, Junho.” Junho’s eyes unlocked, his vision flooded with the cotton clouds and baby blue sky. The lively looking grass unfolded as Junho hustled to his rowdy coach. The day was too perfect.
Preparing himself to run off with much confidence, rain broke out, abruptly stopping him as he made his first step to sprint. Junho took his eyes off the finish line and fixed his stare upon the upsetting clouds. Keeping his stare upon the gray clouds, he tilted
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Within a few minutes, Junho reached into his stiff pocket and piled a blue and white deck of cards on top of his books along with his white bulky headphones. His headphones shielded rounded ears from the rambling students.

“As time goes by,
I only let out sighs.
Always blaming the heavens
Pounding the floor in regret.
Isn’t that why
I couldn’t fly or walk?”

Consciously stacking card after card, Junho had formed a house of cards. It was perfect. Finishing his masterpiece, he looked back to the rain, building more sighs and the tear-shaped rain fell constantly. Song after song, his view was filled with the house of cards. Three layers of cards, stacked upon one another. Without the bottom, the tower is unstable. Without the bottom, the whole house falls and is no longer one. Without the bottom, the house is nothing. At that very moment, the bell rang and interrupted his gaze. His eyes shifted as the bell rang throughout the school startling him. But he wasn’t the only one startled, the cards collapsed. Junho stared at the fallen cards as the faint beeping rang once more.
The bus stop was in full view from where Junho stood. He had to run. The bus wasn’t too far away from it’s designated destination. With such little thought, he prepared himself once more to run. As soon as he met contact with the concrete floor a drop of water targetted him. Rain. Drip drop. One fell right after another like a cycle. The perfect day had been ruined again by the drizzling rain.
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