Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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His palm imprinted through layers of my skirt and lace panties onto my arse cheek.
Licking dry lips, I swallowed some lump in my throat, as my heart my hammered about to explode inside my chest. His breath flowed down my neck like liquefied heat, under my blouse, through my bra lace, as my hard nipples ached for his touch.
For weeks, we’d been performing this naughty tango on the train. Two strangers, slaves to the public transportation. He’d get on and leave a few stops between mine. A small window of my time and one I’d look forward to each work day – just to see him.
He was so much older than me, a real man’s man. Not a young man making a name for himself, but a man who owned himself and knew what he wanted. Here because of temporary roadworks. I’d learned a lot about him listening to his conversations. I know I shouldn’t have. Yet I couldn’t help but soak up his aura of power and maturity.
In the beginning, he never saw me, used to give me a simple polite nod, he’d give to other passengers. His attention went to his phone or the flashier, confident women. Never me.
Until I’d made the efforts for him to notice me. My blouse buttons opened lower than normal to give the hint of lace from the lingerie I’d bought for him. I’d take care to wear colours and styles he seemed to admire, sit where he’d stand, and examine him from afar. Until he really saw me.
That day I was the deer trapped under the spotlight. Heat flushed my face, I couldn’t breathe, watching him, watch me.…
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