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I took lengthy whiles to adore your physiognomies before the moment where I could register how you spoke. I got hit at random upon one Tuesday noon filled with rain by how you stressed your syllables, and wound your ways in my heart when you spoke on literatures. It wasn’t how you spoke and what you touched upon. Rather, it was your vocal cadence sounds. If I could have, I might have made you speak for hours. Despite whether you spoke the equal terminology non-stop, I might not have minded; I knew it might enthrall. The greatest times were the moments where I did not know how you surrounded me, or how you were quiet throughout lengthy periods while I dozed. It was then I was able to discern you not far away and then smile with your vocal cadence intimacies in my ears. Do not ask me what it was like to hear you say my namesake; it could get sensed but never spoken. You entwined yourself in my cranium to where I was no longer someone who thought with their personal voice; at moments where I read, your vocal cadence handled narration duties. You captured my secondary senses in thorough fashion. A jubilant Wednesday saw you teach me how powerful associations were. I was in one mellow latte store along with my maternal figure, and enjoyed lunchtime, but contemplated the means by which I might have survived until the next seven-day period where I might have had another opportunity to see you; my maternal figure afterwards brought our lattes. I picked up the cups; when the smells
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