Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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“Mother” shouted the wispy young girl, swinging her long blonde braids in the bright sunlight as she shot out of the little stone house with its big windows, “as the sky is so blue today and the water so tempting, please may I go down to the beach whilst you are at work?”
“Oh, I don’t know, Proserpina, you have never been there alone before.” I replied, gazing around at my sprawling, tranquil, countryside village with its narrow streets and crumbling walls. Behind me hung the hauntingly, dark, dense, hilly forest, but I contemplated the sparkling, crystal clear blue ocean on the horizon in front of me, beyond the village’s patchwork of lush fields full of vegetation.
“I know the way and I will be safe, I promise not to go too far into the water.” My daughter pleaded.
Dressed for work, I stared down at my mud covered boots, stuffing my well-worn hands in my jean pockets, making it impossible for my daughter to work out what I was thinking below the wide brimmed garden hat perched on my head. I was in a quandary. Was it safe to let my daughter venture down to the ocean alone? I recognize that I trust my daughter to do as I request, nevertheless what dangers lay looming out there. Sure the beach was safe enough plus the sea maidens would look out for her, except what about the dangers that lurked in the dark forest and would they stay there?
After what I realized must have seemed an age for Proserpina, I picked up my head and looked lovingly at her. “Yes,” you may visit…
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