Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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Upon arriving at a two- story house located in a small suburb in the middle of the scorching Arizona desert. You can see one big window from the outside of the house, similar to the size of a fifty-inch TV. Little do you know that behind those windows lies a room filled with peace, security, and warmth. Therefore, your curiosity peaks and decides to explore the enchanting room. As you enter the house you see a stair case to your left about ten steps from the main door. After you make the journey through all of the sixteen steps, you see a room to your right that captivates your attention. You take nine steps to the right, which leads you inside an illuminated room covered in fluffy almond wash carpet. You encounter many items that catch your attention. Undoubtedly the first thing you see is an object that resembles a windmill, mounted to the ceiling in the center of the room. In addition, three small objects that resemble eggs are attached to the windmill lighting up the room. The walls are painted in two separate colors: A light beige color in front of you and behind you, then a dark tan color to your left and right. In addition, two large windows connecting to each other lay straight ahead of you; letting sunlight in causing the room to heat up. However, with a flick of a switch located directly counter clockwise behind you on the wall. The windmill like object starts to turn clockwise at speeds up to ten miles per hour. Allowing cold air to flow throughout the room and…
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