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The surrounding area grew darker as I traversed farther into the forest. Erie howls echoed from my destination and they grew slowly closer as I continued on my well traversed route. The woods really were beautiful, with its thick canopy allowing a censored light through the branches. The sounds of nature all around, the rustling of branches and calls of birds. The flowing of a near stream, the crunch of leaves beneath my feet. After several more minutes of walking I arrived at a building to it 's former glory barely recognizable through the rot of wood, overgrown plants, collapsed areas. I strolled in and walked up a flight of stairs, careful to avoid rotting parts. The library must have been beautiful at it 's peak, it 's grand visual still imaginable despite the ravages of time. Truly time had taken it 's toll, but as I walked past rotted shelves and a corroded receptionist desk, I could still see the beauty in its structure. The high ceiling with faded yet beautiful murals covering it. Strolling through the archway to my final destination I was attacked by two warm masses of fur that were approximately one hundred pounds each. Ouch. I pushed the two dogs off of me and sat up to look the two siblings chortling at my pain. The first dog, Cil, had dark brown fur mottled with green. The second, Pen, was slightly larger and was a majority brown with patches of darker fur. Yes, we named them Pen and Cil. Don 't judge us quite yet, for we actually have a reason for these quirky

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