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[Note: Instead of [Y/N] or third point of view, it is now first point of view to receive the best experience in reading!] The evening sky glister down to the reflection of the streets covered in white snow, little crystals shining brightly as ever. I reached Chiyoda where Itachi told me to meet up. As I was waiting in front of the Tokyo station, I watched strangers with their families, friends or beloved ones laughing and chatting. Additionally, I notice that the city transform into a sparkling winter wonderland as millions of colorful lights are displayed in trees, on and around buildings. It was truly a remarkable and unbelievable sight. I hummed to a variety of Christmas song to keep me occupy and of course, bring my Christmas spirit. A small smile appeared on my face as I couldn’t stop to think that I will be spending time with Itachi, best of all experience Marunouchi Illumination. It was told from my research that there will be an elegant and eco-friendly evening stroll spot. As you wander down the tree-lined of Marunouchi naka-dori, you’re suppose to feel like a princess or a queen as possible 200 roadside trees of LED bulbs with their original shade of champagne gold, twinkling elegantly on the trees lining. I giggled to myself, envisioning the picture perfect and the “date”. It’s going to be truly amazing! “Hey, sorry I’m late! How long did you wait?” Itachi asks, huffing and puffing. I stared lovingly to his onyx eyes. His nose were red like the unique

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