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“Brrr.” I shivered when I stepped into the shallow water. After 30 seconds, though, I adjusted. “C’mon Tessa!” my brother Zen, called out as he raced by. “Okay!” I replied as I splashed after him. I was at the beach with my family. I had never been to a beach before, so it was a lot of fun, even though it was only at Lake Michigan in Chicago. As we ran my dad followed us into the water. “Hey, Zen, can you do this?” I asked as I waddled like a duck, “ Quack, quack, HONK!!!” “That’s easy,” he responded as he started imitating the way I was walking, “Can you do this?” Now he was crawling like a crab. “THAT’s easy!” I retorted as my waddle turned to a crab crawl. Now it was our dad’s turn to try to one up us, we…show more content…
I ran up to our blanket and grabbed our bucket. “Hey, I wanted the bucket!” complained Zen. “We’ll take turns.” I suggested. “OK.” Zen shrugged. He walked over to a pre-built sand castle and started digging out hole?! “Whatchya doin’?” I asked. “I’m going to bury myself in the sand.” He replied frankly. “Okay!” I said cheerfully as I started scooping up wet sand. I made sure to get plenty sand nice and packed. I started shaping the sand into a tower. I could feel the sun beating on my back, my hair whipping around in the wind. I could hear the waves crawling up to the shore. It was the perfect summer- “Tessa, can you help me?” Zen interrupted. He had sand up to his knees. “No, I’m busy making my own sand structure.” I responded. I went back to building my tower. My hands were caked with sand. I brushed my hair out of my face with my arm. I got up up and walked to the water. My hands dipped into the sun-heated water. I pulled back my hair and plunged the bucket into the lake water. When it submerged the sand washed away and it was filled with water. I skipped back, trying not to spill the water, sand spraying with every step. I plopped onto the ground. I poured the water over the top, creating a bowl shaped tower. I shook my hair back over my shoulders again. I thought back to the only other “beach” I’ve ever been to. I hadn’t even quite started kindergarten when I went to Ruidoso, New Mexico for
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