Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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It’s a busy Sunday afternoon in Target. The store is full of men, women and children alike. I walk aimlessly through the aisles, casually browsing for products while glancing into another person’s cart. I find myself in the beauty aisle to see if there are any new releases. Now, on an everyday basis, I don’t wear makeup anymore, but I still love to see what’s new for the season. In that aisle, I see other women wandering and scanning the section for new products, just as I am. Not once do I see a man in this section. Out of the corner of my eye, I notice a man with a slight mustache wearing a blue baseball cap. He looked very familiar. Oh, I thought, I just saw him walking down every single aisle. Mustache Man walks into the aisle, curiously observing the unfamiliar row of foundation. A few seconds later, I hear a lot of whispering ad muttering. The women chatting beside me looked at him suspiciously, eyeing his presence, as if to say, “Why are you here?” He must have noticed too since his cheeks turned into a natural rosy hue. In a split second, he turned around and bolted out into the next aisle, the toothpaste section, where he browsed the entire aisle before moving on to the next one. Now, he could have quickly walked out of the makeup section for a number of reasons. Maybe he just remembered he needed toothpaste over in the next aisle. Maybe he felt embarrassed being seen as a grown man, aware of the stigma surrounding men like him and feminine products, in the makeup…
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