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Sunday morning arrived, two weeks since their grand melee, and Mauricio thought it was appropriate to go home and see how Consuelo was doing again. Hoping he had given her enough time to cool down, there he found her watching Sunday morning news while clipping coupons. He greeted her with a simple, “Hi, Mom! How are you doing?” And, planted a big kiss on her cheek. Consuelo’s silence was his cue that she was still upset with him. Sensing she was still disconcerted he walked right in to his room and picked out clothes and packed a few other personal belongings. He returned to the living room with two large travel bags in hand. The rise this gave her left her unable to contain herself from screaming at him, “Are you off to a foreign land? Oh no! You are moving out! Is that what you are doing?” He replied in exhaustion, “No! I am not moving out! I just do not want to be bothering you.” In a risen voice she unleashed more anger. “So, this is my fault. You do not care that I am upset! You have not come home in days, or called to even see if I am alive or dead.” Trying to be the voice of reason he shouted in return, “I know you are not happy with the situation and you have your reasons, but I am trying to find my happiness.” She raised her voice higher, “Luna is going to ruin you! You are not going to finish school!” He took a deep breath and exhaled slowly, “She believes in education and she helped me enroll. She sits and waits for me outside each class door. She tutors me

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