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My bare feet crossed over the double yellow lines of the busy road that divided the parking lot and the bay as I carried my flip-flops in one hand and my phone in the other. The burning sun directed its rays towards my shoulders and I could feel my skin getting hotter by the second. I watched as my family and neighbors began crossing the rickety bridge that led to the dock and just as it had in the car, my mind began to race. I couldn’t help but think of all the shark attacks that had occurred in South Carolina this summer and I avoided going in the ocean the whole vacation because of that. I am absolutely terrified of sharks. I’ll just hold on as tight as I can, I thought to myself, attempting to distract myself from my fears. When we…show more content…
The man driving the Jet Ski sharply turned right. I heard Nate yell, and by the time I turned around, his legs were flailing in the air as he tumbled off the back of the boat and into the water. I couldn’t help but laugh… it was actually pretty funny. The man gradually brought us to a stop and we waited for Nate to climb back on, while my brother continued to laugh at his best friend for a good five minutes. We picked up speed once again and traveled further and further from shore. I had a feeling that he was going to turn sharp again, so I tightened my grip on the handle. “Hold on tight!” Gianna hollered, but I could barely hear her over the pounding waves and the roaring engine. And he did it again. The boat whipped around, this time to the left, and I had no control over my body. I flew off the side of the boat and into the water, along with everyone else besides Jake. When my head finally broke the surface, the boat was already over twenty yards away. “Help! Quick!” I screamed. I didn’t realize it, but I was crying. I couldn’t help but picture myself as the woman swimming with the shark right beneath her on the Jaws movie poster.
It seemed like ages before the boat came back to pick us up. I tried to stay as still as possible, since I found in my “research” during the car ride to the bay that sharks

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