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[INSERT TITLE] “Take that dog back wherever you picked it up from”, my mother yelled across the front yard. “No, it’s hungry, you can see his ribs,” 7yr old me replied in sorrow. Mother rolled her eyes at me and made a hand movement, agreeing to let the dog in the front porch, because she was already used to it. Yet again she reminded me, that I was only going to feed it and not keep it. I looked at her in grief as if I wanted to cry, and she didn’t budge and walked inside. “Stay here”, I told the dog, as if he knew what I was saying he sat there. I ran inside and grabbed some steamed carrots and broccoli mother had cooked, I mashed them into little pieces and put in onto a paper plate. As quickly as I could, I went to the front porch and gave them to the dog, as he began eating the vegetables, I started to pet him. I soon realized he didn’t have water, so I ran back inside to get him some and when I got back outside he was gone, my heart broke a little that day. I went inside began to cry, knowing he could die without water yet my mom reminded me that at least I feed him. She knew I was over dramatic. Since my mother saw the passion I had for caring for animals, she thought it’d be a good idea to take me to volunteer at the Palm Valley Animal shelter, I was supper excited, I couldn’t wait to help all the beautiful innocent animals. I walked in and the nice lady at the front desk told my mother and I, to sign in, so we did. Soon after they led us to a door where they had

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