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"Mom! Dad! I 'm going out for a run!" I walked into the kitchen and grabbed a banana, finishing it off quickly as I got my earphones and phone. "Wait!" My mom called out to me and I turned around, walking towards her. "Be careful honey, don 't go too far. I want you to call me if anything strange happens and you need me to pick you up. Okay?" "Okay mom, see ya later." I was out the door. Running through the forest, I realized how peaceful it was. I had my music filling my ears, jamming out to Muse, and I had the world saved for another day. It may have been around 8:30, and I had every reason to be at my house, but I felt like I needed this run. I 'm sorry sis, it 's not you or anyone else. I could still hear her voice, loud and clear, and even if it was a year ago, it seems like just hours ago this memory had begun. It burned into my brain, as if it was a fresh memory. But it wasn 't. Sometimes I wondered if it was my fault, maybe if I had known more... other times I felt as if it was Jax 's fault. Nela told me they hated her because of something to do with him. I spotted the cabin up ahead, and headed towards it. My time is- "AAUGH!" I cried out in pain and hit the cabin floor, door closing behind me. Someone had kicked me, but who? Jax? The light flickered on, but before I could turn around and see my attacker I got another sharp kick to my back. I grunted out in pain. I tried to fight back but the person grabbed me by my hair and threw me against the wall.
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