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I decided to go for my usual desk in every classroom; all the way in the back, since it was the best location to really observe people. Looking around the room, there were roughly twenty of us in attendance, quite unusual for such a big ass classroom. Even stranger was the fact half of us were male and the other half female. It’s like it was planned from the beginning. Not recognizing anyone from the group, except those obvious two from earlier, I put in one of my earbuds, leaving the other out so I can secretly eavesdrop on what people were saying, turned my music on low and laid my head down on the table, figuring the best thing to do was catch up on some sleep while we waited for the professor to arrive. There’s this rule the college has where if the professor doesn’t show up in fifteen minutes after the bell, the students have the right to leave without discipline if they so choose. Hopefully whoever it is doesn’t come. My eyes were shut for a good ten minutes before I heard the door burst open. “Sorry I’m late class!” a happy, cheerful voice sang. Damnit, so close. Another two or three minutes and my ass would’ve been gone. “My name is Mrs. Sorun and I’ll be your professor for Relationship Development I. Nice to meet you all.” Oh, it’s the bimbo lady. I’ve seen Mrs. Sorun around campus on a few occasions from the time I’ve been enrolled here. From what I can tell, she’s an airhead. I mean, she fits the stereotype perfectly. Blonde hair, blue eyes, big boobs and

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