Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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When I awoke it was dark and cold. Only the stars and moon illuminated through the broken windows of the abandoned building. It was silent except for the sound of the wind and my heartbeat.
I took a shaky breath and regretted that action as soon I felt a sharp pain in my chest. It was then that I suddenly became aware of my lack of feeling in my left arm and right leg even as I blinked i couldn’t open my left eye. I lifted my right arm and touched my eye; it was swollen and caked with dry blood. I touched my left arm and felt the warm liquid. Terrified, I began looking at my surroundings carefully. It was difficult to see anything in the dark building but I could tell the place was indeed abandoned. Snow that blew in from the broken window covered the floor. I looked towards the broken windows and followed the moons light onto the ground. I held my breath at the sight I came upon.
Gathering all the strength I could manage, I slowly dragged my broken body to my older brothers’ side. My body screamed in agony as I forced myself to move. When I reached him, I was overcome with the realization that he was dead. There was no steady rise and fall of his chest and a pool of blood surrounded him. My eye examined him slowly. His skin was almost as white as the snow. His lips were blue and he had a deep gash that reached down to his chin. I examined the rest of his body and saw the snow that covered his stomach was soaked with blood.
I began to cry and winced as pain erupted…
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