Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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To see Kendrick leave this morning was much harder than I imagined it would be. To say we’d grown close would be an understatement. We come up with plans to Skype each other on his down time. It needed to be enough for the time being, we had no other options. I am so confused about what was going on with our relationship. I wanted to say the three little, but important words to him. I just wasn’t able to get the words past my lips. I knew in my heart Kendrick is nothing like the men in my past. Why in the past, I’d fallen so fast for the wrong type of men, and now I’m with someone of worth, my heart is so guarded. What in the holy mother of Eros did he mean ‘make ye mine?’ Was I hoping he meant to be together as in married? He spoke of us, as being bonded and lifemates. He said his brain turns to porridge when we’re having sex; well mine seems to turn to mush when I try to think about being in love with Mr. Seal, Selkie, Whatever! From what Kendrick’s told me of Selkie’s it would seem that like Meghan Trainor’s song, “All about that Base” or as I would say all about some booty as in getting some ass. Even Kendrick acknowledged that Selkies are known to have many human lovers, but seldom take a human as a lifemate. Was I going to be fighting off my jealousy, because other humans are going to be drawn to his Selkie’s beauty? I know that it is my own insecurities triggering the jealousy. But when your heart has been stomped on, it’s awfully hard to trust…
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