Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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looking at his face, pushing his heavy glasses up the breezes of his short pokey nose. “As soon as you sanction the credit. The design has been ready. We need money only from your bank,” Chandra said — jockeying the conversation to a serious point; that was his motto for which he threw the party in the evening. He was eagerly waiting to hear from Mr. Lim, but Mr. Lim was mom and tight-lipped, staring at the carpet and sipping his drink at leisure. “Next month we can start the construction,” Mr. Chandra added to steer his point that the credit disburse needs to be expedited. General Eke who was eyeing on the tall girl in an orange skirt and white top, right from the beginning, grew impatient, and waved at her when she was walking back to the food station. “What’s your name?” he asked, touching her shoulder with his long left arm to see the name plate on her chest, as he swiveled on a cozy chair upholstered with white leathers and silk. “Oh, I can’t read it,” he mumbled to himself, unable to see the words, even a 32 font size, without glasses. “Molly,” she answered with a flirtatious tone, bending a little close to his face to show her name card stapled on her black vest over her left breast. Other stewardesses snickered as they passed by. “Yeah, sweet name. I liked it,” he chuckled, tapping her name plate with his pinky finger while his thumb touched his breast. He did that knowingly. Both felt they’d connected with each other. That…
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