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Lost It happened once a year. Going to my grandparents house by the lake. I 've always loved going. Fishing, swimming, even campfires, we had them all, It 's like the perfect vacation for free. Well, it was perfect. Until one day when it all went wrong... It was a Beautiful day. The sun was shining the trees were swaying to the breeze. That morning wasn 't very interesting all we did was watch TV, which wasn 't that bad but I really just wanted to go fishing. Finally after hours of watching TV I asked my grandma one more time hoping she would say yes. “can we go fishing?”. She sighed “Fine, but if you want to go fishing you have to get the bait, go to the shed and get the bait from the fridge, grandpas already there.” But I didn 't know were the shed was, And that was my first mistake. Ok, technically I did go in the shed but grandma did say that grandpa was there and I didn 't see him. He was there though, hiding in the darkness I called for him “Hello, Grandpa are you there.” But being the old person he is he couldn 't hear me, so being the sensible person I am I simply shrugged and walked away. After that I decided to ask my grandma again. “Grandma where is the shed” I yelled. “I told you already it 's right up the driveway you can 't miss it!” She shouted back. Well I already tried there so maybe it 's by the edge of the woods. I walked around the house to the right side of the house and started walking. After about 10 steps I realized this was the wrong way. I

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