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"This is it!" My mom’s voice interrupts the silence of the taxi’s dreary ambience. “Great. So excited.” I speak my words slowly to emphasize sarcasm. My mom gives me her signature “don’t-give-me-that-attitude-or-there-will-be-consequences” look, one that I have received too many times during our lengthy trip from the Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris. As we slowly pull into a long brick driveway, I shift uncomfortably on the tattered leather seats of the taxi, absentmindedly pounding my forehead lightly on the window. The taxi begins to sway as the paved driveway melts into a multitude of clustered gravel. My fingers throb from the white headphones that I have coiled tightly around my hand out of boredom. After hours of breathing in the stale, musty air of the ancient car, I silently vow to never take a taxi in France again. As a tall, looming Victorian-esque estate appears in my view, I press my cheek on the dirty window to get a better look. The house is breathtaking. Twisting tendrils of green ivy creep up the sides of the smooth brick walls and dark gothic windows. A medieval balcony with marble turrets oversees a perfectly manicured lawn, like a scene from “Romeo and Juliet.” A golden plaque that reads Chateaux de Paris hangs next to the wooden door, a sharp contrast to the maroon backdrop of the brick walls. As the taxi jaunts over the gravel road, I spot a marble fountain carved with intricate greek figurines. I immediately picture what might have been here ages

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