Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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“Mom, please” I whined from across the room.
“No Jamie, I told you before and I will tell you again, we are not going swimming in the ocean. It’s too dangerous with all of the shark spottings from only a mile away from shore.”
“But I already bought a snorkel and I really want to go..”
“Enough.” She interrupted. “If you want to use your new snorkel, go in the hotel pool while your father and I try and figure out restaurants worth trying for the next week.”
“I thought this vacation was going to be fun.” I mumbled under my breath as I grabbed my snorkel and trudged down to the small, indoor pool near the lobby. I turned around, mesmerized by the waves of the ocean just across the street. The pool was empty, so I would have enough space to use my new gear without the need to zigzag around others. As I waded into the pool, each step pulling me into the lukewarm water reeking of chlorine, I placed the snorkel on my head.

A strange tickling sensation spread throughout my head and neck. What is this? I thought as I lifted my hand cautiously to my neck, skimming over the sides. I gasped. What I felt was something very strange. I felt rough slits forming on my neck, and an icy breeze filled my esophagus. I fell into the water, trying to rub off whatever had emerged on both sides of my neck. Then the weirdest thing occurred. I could breathe while still beneath the water.

It was amazing, I swam to the bottom of the pool, letting the water course through my neck and…
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