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T’was a gloomy day in my hometown of Coupeville, Seattle. The clouds were gray and the air was crisp. I was strolling down a winding path with barren trees to nothingness. It was a path I had taken before, but today it seemed a bit different. With every step I took, I could hear the crunching of the dead leaves. I could only see two feet in front of me because the fog was thicker than blood. There was a sinister feeling within the air. The wind felt brisk against my skin. I ambled down the path. As I was walking, I passed by a desolate house that I didn’t recognize. As I passed by, I felt a chill trickle down my spine. The house was a meager little cottage, but it seemed to hold something more inside. The wood panels were drab, ashen, with…show more content…
As I was promenading down the stairs, I picked something up and found some type of animal remains. I kept moving forward and stumbled upon a dimly lit room with only one thing in the center; a coffin. I began to walk towards it in fear, pondering my fate. Each step I took towards this transcendental coffin, was another step towards an unforeseen fate. I was frightened, but I was also intrigued. My conscious kept telling me to turn back , but my body was subconsciously pulling me forward. With every aching second, my shaking hand slowly began to move closer to the coffin. Time was moving slowly to the point where it stopped completely and my heart began to beat faster than the speed of light. I reached over toward the handle on the coffin, and lifted it with a prim motion. Inside was something far more bloodcurdling than I had ever seen… I saw myself. It seemed that I was the monster people feared. The body in the casket, my body, was paler than snow. My eyes were glazed over like tinted glass and I reeked of something awful. How could I be the monster? My head hurt with confusion. I was always described as a pleasing person. There was not a heinous bone in my body. Next to the casket, there was an hourglass, which was almost full and moving quite slow. The closer I approached to the body, the faster it went. What was happening? I reluctantly grazed my finger upon the cheek of my body. I wasn’t sure what, but I know

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