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I used to be normal. I used to have friends and people who cared about me. I used to think I was safe in my mother’s arms. That I could grow up to be the person everyone would admire. But those days are gone. Not a single soul in the world could give a damn about me. Every day I am tormented and abused, and I take it all in because I deserve it. Every day I think of running away, leaving my wretched soul behind. Every day I want to kill myself, but I can never bring myself to. Every day I am an outcast to society, an abomination. Every day that goes by, I am still gay. And I can’t change who I am. I trudge through every school day, i¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬gnoring the taunts and insults thrown at me. “Fag” and other gay insults constantly shoot at me,…show more content…
The scars are faded now; the pain is permanent. It all started in 7th grade. I was starting to feel attracted towards some of the guy friends I had. I was confused about it, because I used to have fantasies of me with girls. But in 8th grade, I realized that I was in fact gay. I hid it very well actually, so no one assumed anything until the summer of 8th grade. Cole Irwin, the most popular guy in our grade, had a summer bash party at his huge house. I was surprisingly invited, probably due to the somewhat popular guys in my friend group. At his house, I saw that he had invited people from other schools as well. Everyone was dancing, talking, and playing in the pool. It was a blast. Until later. My good friend, Liam, introduced me to a tall blond boy from another school. I was immediately attracted to him. His name was Luke, and we started talking. I learned a lot about him, and all was fine. He asked me if I had a girlfriend and I replied no, a fake pout on my lips. I asked if he did, and to my shock and disbelief, he whispered into my ear that he’s gay and no one knew about it. I could tell that he was slightly intoxicated by his breath, and would probably regret telling me this in the morning. I whispered back saying that I was gay and his eyes had lit up. Next thing I knew, he had led me to the balcony and kissed me. This sounds so cliché, but sparks flew and everything felt right in the world. “Michael! Luke! What the hell?” I heard Liam
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