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Thankfully, Johnny had passed the test of being able to clean up with the help of Dixie and was able to transfer himself fairly well from the wheelchair to the toilet. With a long list of instructions, a bagful of medications and a schedule of appointments for therapy and check-ups, Johnny was pronounced healthy enough to start recovering at the DeSoto’s. Although normally he could have been sent home that morning, after having to be checked over by Doctor Early, Doctor Druthers and both therapists, Roy and Joanne agreed to wait until after lunch so Johnny could take a nap. It also gave Mike Stoker time to recover a bit from his shift so he could come and help with the trip home.
When they were finally on the way out of the hospital, Johnny was amazed when the exited the hospital.
“What’s huge?” Mike asked from behind the wheelchair as he and Joanne waited for Roy to bring the car around.
“Whole place bigger than my town.”
Thinking a moment, Joanne nodded, “I imagen so. Los Angeles, which is the city we are in, is a big city.”
“We’ll make sure not to lose you,” Mike assured Johnny, squeezing his shoulder gently. “I know this is a big change, but there are lots of people who want to help. Not just your aunt and uncle here or me. There is also a few other people you’ll meet later on.”
“I think Uncle Roy and Uncle Mike’s boss, Captain Stanley, will be at our home,” Jo warned Johnny.
“Why?” panic crept into his voice.
“We want someone to make sure everything was all set…
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