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He laid on his bed, photographs taken out from their albums were scattered out around him. Her smooth warm hands holding gently on his right hand, it just wasn’t the same anymore. He needed to feel her flesh for one more time, her hands, where they belonged, in his. Her scent, so familiar, her dazzling chocolate brown eyes which were the kind that you can look into and get lost within it, her long wavy and golden brown hair that falls brilliantly over her chest and her kissable cherry lips. She was still painted on his mind. He got the letter that she sent him. It was the last thing she had ever sent to him. Her neat, cursive handwriting, the thoughts and words written, it captured on the paper forever. The paper even smelt of her, the letter contained ten words written carefully in dark black ink; “Hangga’t ako ay nabubuhay, umaasa ako. Mahal na mahal kita.” He knew what it meant, translated it says “As long as I live, I hope. I love you very much.” He read those words out loud. His eyes drowned out by the tears that ran down his face like an overflowing river. The salty taste of his tears entered his mouth as he laid there, he felt helpless as nothing felt right anymore. Only she made things better, only she made him smile, only she knew him inside and out. He went to the bathroom which smelled of steam but felt relaxing and peaceful as soon as he stepped inside. He took his clothes off but kept hold of the letter and his favorite picture of her that sat in front of the

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