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I couldn’t imagine that I would have ever seen a tractor flying through the air, let alone a tractor landing just inches away from the room where my family was taking shelter. All of those childhood memories just gone just like that. My little sister Harper was crying to my mother saying “Mommy Mommy can it stop can it stop?” she wailed. I know this might seem crazy but that moment it just felt like time paused. And then my mother was crying to my father saying “Honey we lost her!” my mother cried.
James and I yelled “Lost what?”
“Your sister!” Mom cried
“What?” Asked James and I.
“Your sister!” Mom bawled.
“How?” Asked James and I.
“I don’t know, but let 's look for her. Okay?” Dad and mom announced.
“Okay.” James and I alerted
It just felt like a blur for a few days. We have looked for her for days we even didn’t even go to school but no sign of Harper. I think my mother knew that she had died but mother didn’t want to amite it. James didn’t talk to me for about a month. Was it my fault that she’s lost? Mom and dad was packing my sister 's items.

Now everyone knew even my friend Layla and her little brother Hunter that’s six. Everyone thought she was gone forever but for some reason James didn’t think she was gone. My brother James he’s kind of stubborn. He never believes anything I say he has to find out on his own. Well I guess that’s just a typical thirteen year old, I guess. My friend Layla would had a two year old sister but one year ago her baby sister Skyler

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