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He ended the kiss, but pressed his forehead to mine, as we both tried to regain some control. “I think,” I said between breaths, “you want to fuck me up against your car.” His eyes met mine, “I have never wanted anyone, as much as I want you right now,” he said kissing me deeply once more. Gently, I pushed him back, “Well, as I’m sure neither of us want to be arrested for lewd acts, maybe we should go.” Tom nodded and opened the passenger side door. I pushed myself up from leaning on the car and began to walk over to the driver’s side. He raised an eyebrow. “I’m driving,” I said opening the door. “Are you?” “Like I’m gonna pass up the opportunity to drive this beauty,” I said lowering myself into the driver’s seat. “O.K.,” he smiled climbing into the passenger side. I hit the start button, and the dashboard glowed a cool blue. I then adjusted my seat, since my legs were no where near as long as Tom’s. Next, I ran my hands sensually over the steering wheel, taking my time to feel the soft leather. Closing my eyes, I took a deep breath, basking in the aromas of new sports car and Tom. A casual look around the dash familiarized me with the controls. After some tapping around, I found a music station I felt was acceptable and smiled. I looked over at Tom and he was clearly enjoying me, enjoying the car. I grinned, looked down and engaged the Dynamic Mode and wiggled my eyebrows at him. He laughed and we both put on our seat belts. I leaned back in the seat closed my

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