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I barely open my eyes and see a roof of a big airplane, a couple feet away. I gaze around and see my mom, who has shorts and a tank top on, to my left, and my dad, who has khakis and a T-shirt, to my right. I sit up and look at the GPS hanging down from the roof of the airplane. The GPS said we are right on the shoreline. I tried to peek out the window, but we were in the middle section of the broad airplane. Soon enough, I get a good look out the window and saw the island. Hawaii! I did a little ‘happy dance’ in my head. I couldn’t wait for the beach. Unfortunately, I was in long pants, and I frowned. It was hot too, and there was no air conditioning on the plane. I took off my blanket as the pilot came on a speaker.
“Flight attendants, prepare for landing.” Soon enough, I felt the bump of the plane landing and saw palm trees out the window. I snatched my stuff beneath me as all the other passengers stood up. We walked out of the plane, and instantly I felt the hot sun beating on my back. I was very excited. My two brothers, Dylan and Dalton, my Mom and Dad, and I were in Hawaii. I get out my iPod to see what time it is. Then I freak. 10:00!? I asked my Dad about it and he said were 6 hours behind and it was actually 4:00. Throughout the day I caught myself yawning and almost falling asleep in the car. As time flew by, we went to the beach, got dinner, and got to our hotel. As I fell asleep, I thought about how I stayed up so late, technically 3:00.

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