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“Time” “Do it. Pull the trigger. Pull the damn trigger, James.” “No.” “Fine. Forget you. Give me the gun.” I could tell Jarron didn’t have any patience left. I gave him the gun. That decision sticks to me still to this day. It was the day I walked away from my ugly past. I used to be a gangster, a real bad dude. I owned the coolest cars, I had the hottest girls, and I was rolling in the dough. But I had to get out of that lifestyle. My homie, Jarron, went to prison for life because of that day. I went to prison for two years. It was time to change. I wanted more than that in life. I wanted a family. I wanted a steady job. I wanted an asshole boss. More than anything, I wanted to walk down the street and not fear losing my life. The day I got out of prison was the most awkward time of my life. I didn’t want to go to my old friend’s homes because I wanted to get as far away from the ghetto as I possibly could. I couldn’t go home to my family because I didn’t have any left. You could say my life sucked, but I always said it just had something good coming. Mom always said you have to experience the bad so you appreciate the good. All I had with me was a few dollars, so where the heck could I go? I built up a pretty solid body from doing nothing but lifting while doing my time. I would do one hundred pushups every top of the hour, five hundred pull-ups, and a thousand crunches. Every. Single. Day. I had the time, so I thought I might as well make use of it. So with

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