Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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I had only been to Nabir once. I was traveling to another plane when I discovered I had accidentally deviated from the normal route, landing myself in an unfamiliar place. The Nabirians wore elaborately engraved tags around their necks that varied between bright neon to modest bland colors, all of which had numerical values inscribed upon them. The people minded their own business, kept polite conversations, and talked in smooth voices; a refreshing change to the other unscrupulous planes I had visited in the past. I was enticed, however, by how incredibly intelligent the people on the plane appeared to be — though I soon found that conversing with a Nabir native could be quite undesirable and mostly one sided. The first time I had met a native was while walking to the bathroom. I had made the innocent mistake of greeting her good day. She turned her gaze towards me to smile amiably and proceeded to regurgitate a slew of information at me. I registered a few words in the midst of my bewilderment, but most of her language was obscure and convoluted — the kind in the English lexicon one would find buried in a dictionary, and after five continuous minutes of the woman 's monotonous voice, I hastily bade her goodbye and shuffled past her. Nabir was the only plane that had a visitor center. In fact, it was the only visitor center that played what appeared to be three different recordings of lectures at once, which resulted in a cacophonous echoing in the large
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