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My dad spoke to me the morning of November 2nd “Get up. Get up. GET UP! Get out of bed if you wanna go hunt”. I checked to see the time and the clock read 4:30am. I laid in my coffin sized bunk for a minute or two, gradually climbing out by flinging one leg over the edge and then the other, and sliding off the top as slow as a sloth. I stood up and shuffled over to the table where I plopped down across from my dad. As my uncle Kirk made breakfast and coffee I asked my dad “Are you having a good birthday weekend?”. He replied “It 's been great, now lets go get one.” We all ate our breakfast and prepared for the hunt. As I was putting on layer after layer I got a strange feeling. I did not know if I felt good or bad, so I stayed positive and thought today would be the day. I climbed into the truck and we lumbered down the road.

After a 20 minute ride to the property, we finally reached the long dirt road that lead the designated hunting area. It was only a few minutes down the road, but it felt like forever. Once we go to the where we parked the truck, I got out, got my boots, put on my pack and grabbed my gun. I was ready for the day. At about 5:30 am my dad and I were on our way to the edge of the woods. We walked about a half a mile to where we were going to hunt that day. We saw two trees that were next to each other and decided that location provided the best opportunity. We moved the leaves from around the base of the trees, strategized a game plan and settled into

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