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He had you pressed up against his hotel door, hand shoved inside your panties and nibbling at the thin skin on your neck, feeling your heart pulse and speed up along with the movements of his hand. Both of you were drunk, however that didn’t stop you both from making out at the bar and somehow walking the streets to his hotel and now you’re here? Your mind blurred as he bit down roughly and leaned your head back on the door. His free hand snuck up your shirt, cupping your breasts.
“Bed?” his voice was gruff and you felt the burn of his cheeks from the scruff he had forgotten to shave.
Fuck, please,” you latched your legs around his waist and your arms around his neck as he latched his mouth onto yours, walking backward onto the bed. You
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“Maybe I can change the story and just say that Patrick Stump has a big mouth but fails to deliver.”
“God, you’re such a bitch.”
“Only for you, babe.”
“Don’t call me that. Are you going to blow me?”
“No. You’re fucking gross, why would I blow you?”
“Ugh. Do you have a condom?”
“Nope, thought you had one, Mr. ‘I-Sleep-With-Tons-of-Girls.’ Heard you have HIV, too.”
“That was a joke! And fuck you!”
“Bullshit. Eat me out?”
“Not unless you blow me.”
“Fuck. Fine. Sit,” you crawled on his face, him latching on to your thighs and getting a good look at your pussy beforehand.
“Fuck, can I tell everyone you have a perfect pussy?”
“You’re never telling anyone about this.” He rolled his eyes and moved on comfortably and started. He licked up onto your clit and sucked. Hard. It made your eyes go back into your head and release a noise louder than either of you thought you would. For him, though, it was just encouragement and sped up. Forget the fucking alphabet, where the hell did this nerdy asshole learn to do this? Porn? Horny bastard, he probably did.
He reached up from your thighs to your tits, twisting your nipples and sliding his hands onto your waist and just feeling. His eyes are closed, drinking you dry, and moved in sync with you when you grinded down on to his face and tugged at his hair. You felt the heat building up in your stomach, you pulled on
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