Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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Naruto picked at the residue left behind from an old sticker still clinging onto the desk. His eyes lighting up when Alphys set down his own bowl of hot, steamy, delicious ramen. "Alright food 's here! Itadakimasu!"

He scarfed down his food while Alphys was inattentively picking at her noodles. It was like this for a good two minutes, the only sound other silence would be Naruto 's occasionally obnoxious slurping. 'He 's such a pure and innocent child, he 's already been through so much these past six months I can 't keep on lying to him like this. '

After Naruto set his bowl down, he noticed Alphys was merely twirling her chopstick in the broth. "Why haven 't you ate already? It 's super good!"

'That 's it, he has to know the truth, the real truth! ' Alphys squuezed her hands together. She let out a small sigh as the pressure exerted itself into her fist. "...I...I 've been lying to you...about the microwave. I didn 't excatly build it myself, at all, I found it in the dump...I..I just didn 't want you to think any less of me than you already do. I 'm sorry." That same crooked smile making another approach on her face once she finished.

"I don 't really care...I kind of knew it from the start since I 've seen it in a store before."

"Ah-ha-ha..oh..." 'That 's embarrassing. '

"But, I still think you 're pretty cool." He grinned the usual cheeky grin Alphys always adored seeing on the monitor. "Not as cool as me, but a close second!" But it was even better in real…
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