Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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The cool dampness from the morning dew caused my feet to itch. This particular morning was chilly and damp. I love to go to yard sales with my mom, but at 6:00 am. Really? “Oh my goodness, look at this,” said my mom. She had located a goat. Yes a goat. Not the live, breathing kind, but the stuffed cute kind. He wore a small black and white striped outfit and the tiniest red bandana. His wire rimmed spectacles set off huge eyes which were topped off by large curling horns. All in all he was about 8 inches tall. He held a small sign that said “Old Goat” in black writing. I just had to have him. Why? Because I love goats? No. It all stemmed from a time when my cousin Katie and I were teasing with our grandparent 's. Every summer, my cousin Katie and I would spend a week with my grandparents. We would do all sorts of fun things like going to parks, libraries, and to their favorite restaurants. It was extremely hot and humid each and every time we went somewhere. Despite it being hot and humid, we always loved the times that we got to spend with them.
My grandparents were laughing and joking with us one night. My granddad decided to ask us a question, “Which one of us is the nice person and which one of us is an old goat?” My cousin Katie and I laughed and teased my granddad and told him that he was the old goat and my grandma was the nice lady. My mom and I thought it was very ironic when we found the old goat at a random yard sale at the beach. We wrapped up the old…
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