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Sometimes I wounder what love is. Sometimes I wounder if I will ever feel the emotion, or if the emotion is a figment of peoples imaginations. Like some kind of god, you wish him to be up in heaven with his angels so badly that you see unicorns where there are meerly horses. Of coarse, who am I to judge what others think to be true, because if you want it bad enough, your mind may trick you, and who is to say that that is less real than the fact that the sky is blue or that my hair is blond? No one. I grew up in an orphangie down the street from my fosters parents house is now. The place was always filled with childeren, like puppies waiting to be addopted. They would put on their best show, bark and roll over when the couples told them too and they would prey to that imaginary god for someone, somewhere to love them, to care for them. This was the most pathetic thing I had ever seen in my whole life, and maybe this is where I lost my empathy for the human race. Maybe this is where I relized that love is a myth. As you may have guested, I was one of those puppies that didnt get addopted, but I didnt mind that. Actually, I liked it. I didnt have to put on an act and be on my best behaviour, I could just be who I saw, and I didnt care what others thought of me, only what I thought of myself.

I grew up on the streets before being taken to that orphanage. My real parents had addandoned me when I saw just three weeks old on the side of the road, luckily some homless people

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