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Seeking Santa a spot near the radiator, behind the chair,my hiding place each Christmas Eve,in my dreams is always there.with twinkling lights reflecting off the icicles,so many, the star that shone so bright ontop, the gifts beneath, aplenty.I 'd sit there waiting, eager to see, the jollyold elf who seemed to know me, no movewould I make, not a peep nor a soundin case Santa came and I would be found.quiet and warm and tucked in tight, I 'dwait there alone in the dark on that night,sure I would see him, and he 'd not see me,but not once in my life was that ever to be.For I 'd just blink my eyes and open to see theChristmas sunrise was waiting for me.the cookies all eaten, the milk gone as well,like my hopes of a story that I 'd never tell,of the time I saw Santa, saw him comewatched him go, and the secret ofChristmas that I finally know... (America rushes to get out of 2010. Can you blame them?) It began with a simple pre-Christmas TV interview. And after the smoke finally cleared in America, Congress had locked itself in the bathroom, Homeland Security had outlawed Boy Scouts as carry-on luggage, Santa was in custody, and cranberries had stormed the Vatican. It was just intended to be a fluff piece: a slow-news-day slot-filler bunged together by the ratings-challenged NABCBS network. NABCBS news anchor, the perky and engaging Cokie "Geraldo" Stoppinhalfabolus, was interviewing the head of all US Intelligence, a nearly inert fellow bearing the high-salary title of DNI

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