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One day I 'll text u nd ask u "if u wanna come over nd I 'll rent some movies so we can watch" you 'll respond nd say "yes" so I 'll come pick you up nd well go to family video to pick out some movies while we in their you 'll ask me "what kind of movies do I wanna watch" then I 'll say "scary, but it doesn 't matter it 's whatever u wanna watch" so you 'll go back to picking out the movies then we both look up nd noticed a sign that says adult only so well go back their nd see what 's back their we open the door nd it 's a bunch of adult movies so I 'll start to laugh nd say wtf nd you 'll laugh also then we 'll leave the adult room nd back to picking out our movies while still talking about what we just saw ill get real close to you nd…show more content…
l nd get out the car n go n the room well sit on the bed nd get candy nd talk for a while before we start to watch the movie we 'll put in one movie but it turns out to be a cartoon you picked out I 'll call you "alittle kid" as we watch the movie I 'll put my hand back on thighs nd start to rub them as I start to get close to touching your pussy you 'll push my hand away nd say "nope we watching the movie" then I 'll say I don 't wanna watch no cartoons then as the movie going on you 'll slide your hand on my thigh nd try nd grab my dick again but I won 't let you either I 'll say "nope we gonna watch the movie" so we 'll continue watching the movie then as the sun starts to go down nd the movie starts to go off I 'll get up nd tell you I 'm bout to take an shower so you can watch another movie or wait till I get out you 'll say "ok" so I 'll get the clothes that Ima wear after the shower nd take them n their with me I 'll say "your welcome to join me if you want" so I 'll go turn on the water nd start to take off my shirt then I forget I need a towel so I 'll open the door nd come out the bathroom shirtless to go get a towel while your laying on the bed you 'll see me nd sit up as I 'm walking by you 'll grab me nd pull me down on the bed with you we 'll start kissing then I 'll start to kiss on your neck then I 'll start to rub my hands down ur legs then you 'll push me off tell me to go get n the shower so lol get up nd go back n the shower nd 10 minutes later I hear

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