Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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Choking back the hot burning tears her skinny legs splayed on the cool bathroom tile. Black streams coating her soft innocent cheeks, raking her bony fingers through the tangled knots in her black curled hair. Her pale skin scarred with the red marks from his hands, forever touching her once pure skin. Her thoughts bubbling up in bursts of fiery anger, words spewing from her sweet pink lips. Memories flooding her senses, flashbacks clouding her judgment. His words forever branded into her mind, his threats chaining her to the bathroom floor. Hidden, her internal suffering hidden from the world. His words, clothed her pain like a muzzle. Silencing her cries for help. Her malady hidden behind her long hair and quiet demeanor. His choice, her consequence. The jagged words thrown at her, scraping away the dregs of bravery within her. Choruses of “This is your fault” and “What were you wearing?” overwhelm her hearing and push her away. Her cry for help washed down the drain like nothing. The blame forced on her fragile shoulders, shoving her farther down into a whirlwind of shame. His shining green eyes, his sweet boyish charm, his strong tanned physique, forever in her memory. His words and his needs placed on a pedestal, a pedestal that sits atop her hallowed frame crushing her. Society placing the blame on her. Her short black dress and supple red lips teased his judgment. Her flirty giggle and manicured hands guided him down the path. Her soft smooth skin and soft black…
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