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His lips brushed your neck and you let out a surprised yelp, clutching his shirt tighter in your fist. You felt his lips part on your neck, his hot breath sending pleasant chills down your spine. Letting out a soft, velvety moan, you craned your neck, silently begging him to continue. He obliged, his soft, wet tongue trailing across your skin, leaving goosebumps in its wake. You tried to remember how you got into this situation. It had all happened in a blur, the details hazy. Despite being perfectly sober, you had a difficult time recalling all the tiny details. Somehow, you had managed to get Levi Ackerman, your current obsession, into your bed. Somehow, the lips of the man you could only fantasize about were roaming across the…show more content…
After a few exchanged words from the quiet man, you had him figured out. He was the mysterious type. An unknown man, shrouded in mystery and masked in a cold exterior. You were intrigued. After weeks of trying, you finally managed to make him smile. From what you 've heard, smiles were far and few with Levi Ackerman. And so here you were, at a party you had attended, only for him. The people around you were intriguing. Sweaty bodies, whooping loudly, grinding against each other. Truly revolting, your peers. You must have looked like a prude, glaring at everyone with squinted eyes, sipping your diet soda. Luckily, you weren 't the only prude. You tore your eyes from the panting people, hunched over one another. You raised your gaze to look across the room, to another dark figure. A familiar man leaning on the wall opposite to you. He held the same stoic expression as always, his piercing eyes staring straight into yours, boring into your soul. You both held the gaze for several moments, before he smirked and began crossing the room. Your beating of your heart quickened. Normally, you would be the one to engage in conversation with the introverted man, but no, not tonight. Levi Ackerman was coming to you. After that, the event seemed so surreal. He engaged you in pleasant, yet flirty small talk. You both watched the drunks parade around, laughing and relishing in being sober. After that, Levi leaned towards you and whispered something in your ear. You

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