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Black Tinkerbell Ms. Ambiguous "Olivia!" A shout rang through the house. It was a bright morning, the smell of autumn and school in the air as the morning of the first day of school began. Olivia happily sat up in her bed as soon as she heard her mother calling from down stairs. She hadn 't slept a wink the night before from complete excitement. Her first day of high school had come and she couldn 't wait to get it started. "Olivia!" The call came again, "Get up to get ready for school!" Her mother downstairs said as she began making a nice breakfast. With a spring in her step, Olivia walked around her room to start her morning routine. All summer she had looked forward to this day. This is the day that she would redefine herself.…show more content…
Her mother never really approved of her wanting to change herself to get friends but she wanted her daughter to be happy. All summer she dieted, exercised and got new hobbies to make sure she wouldn 't be as stale as she was before. After showering, dressing and a light touch of blush, mascara and pale pink lipstick, she came down for breakfast. "How do I look?" She asked her mother who was putting eggs and bacon into a plate for her. Olivia stood in her school uniform which consisted of a white collared shirt and a khaki skirt that stopped a little above her knees. Something she never thought she 'd be able to wear. Her hair, after a few hair appointments throughout the summer was now a chocolate-brown with grey highlights and dark brown low-lights, cut to the middle of her back and styled to frame her round face and make her deep brown eyes pop. She was always a short girl but now she wore short heels that gave her a few more centimeters and showed off her legs that all the swimming she did in the summer provided her with. With everything neatly and perfectly placed, she did a small spin around so her mother could answer. "You 've always been so beautiful Liv. " Her mother, Karla, smiled as she took the plate of food to the table. "Now eat up and don 't waste your food on you okay?" She smiled at the girl as she nodded and began to eat after sitting at her place at the table. "14 already. I 'm so sad. You 're growing up too fast." she said as she got her
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