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After close to three hours on the road, we pulled up in front of a beautiful old mansion that had been converted into a luxury hotel. It had a beautiful view, right on the shores of the Beauly Firth. The grounds were impressive. We’d made it in time for the complimentary coffee and shortbread. The piping hot coffee and the shortbread were just what I needed to hold me over until the dinner hour. Kendrick said we had time to take in the gardens. As we walked and viewed the gardens, Kendrick had tucked me under his arm. He kept me pulled up tight to his large warm body; that was where I wanted to always be close to his heart. I was in love with this Selkie man, and I was contented to just be wrapped in his warm embrace. Once I had let my guard down and let Kendrick into my heart. I had felt a happiness I had never before experienced and wouldn’t have believed possible. After we walked along the shore and spotted a few dolphins playing in the Firth, we were also able to see the Kessock Bridge from the lawns of the hotel. We then heading back to the room to dress for the dinner party that the hotel was having for the holiday. I moved to the bathroom and got ready in there. Kendrick would get ready in the bedroom. I was excited about our evening. This would be the first time that Kendrick had seen me that dressed-up. I wore a little more make-up than I normally do, but I still kept the make-up on the natural side. My one concession on the make-up was the
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