Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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Gulp, as I stared up at the towering tall roller coaster. Goosebumps covered my body. Butterflies fluttered in my stomach. It was our turn next, as the coaster came into view. When it came to a halt, I inched in the roller coaster, as fear oozed out of my eyes. Next, I clipped my seat belt in and forced the bar down, the lady soon was at my side and checking my seat belt. Her gentle hands grasped the strap, as she gave a few tugs here and there. When she put full pressure on the cold gray bar, it started to rest on my thighs. Instantly, the click sounded and the attractive lady disappeared to the next cart. In the distance, I could see her happy, joyful face before it fanished in the screaming mob. Before I knew it, my horrified look came back and the seat belt started to suffocate me. But I wanted to be more safe than sorry.
This was my first time on Shivering Timbers ,and I was scared out of my skin. That’s when I remembered the time when I was scared to go on the log ride. We were in line, watching the logs drift down the river. Suddenly, I wanted to jump out of line because there was a ginormous, steep hill that we were going to encounter. Without warning, we stepped in the wet, slimy carts. We all noticed their were no seat belts. In a flash, goosebumps started spreading like a rash all over my body. Please can we leave, I thought to myself as my dad nudged me to move forward. I was praying that the ride would shut down before it was our turn. But none of that…
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